alphaH® – natural regenerative and performance-enhancing

alphaH® causes a preventive and concomitant reduction of metabolic changes. These changes are stress responses to physical trauma caused by exercise. alphaH® counteracts this by improving physical performance and reducing oxidative stress.
alphaH® is a natural regenerative and performance-enhancing drink combating oxidative stress in the body. Scientific research shows that it boosts health at cell-level and help maintain a healthy body. In everyday use, AlphaH® delivers a greater resistance to Stress, Fatigue, Injury, and illness. It enhances the ability to perform and to concentrate.
The active compounds in alphaH® have been successfully adopted by world-class athletes due to its scientifically evaluated proven benefits and WADA approval.
Lifestyle Stress – Performance and Cleansing with alphaH®

  • The intake of alphaH® causes an energy recovery (ATP) in the cells
  • an optimization of oxygen utilisation a high antioxidant potential
  • a buildup of nonessential amino acids
  • a degradation of toxic substances

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The recommended retail price for a 10-day therapy, 1 package of alphaH®, is € 64, a 30-day therapy, 3 packages is € 165. Detailed product information and scientific documentation can be found alphaH®
Online ordering and purchase are possible via This service allows for BtB ordering including larger quantity ordering for professional usage.