alphaH® a new dietary supplement with patented formula scientifically invented by HG Pharma’s founders.

alphaH® enhances oxygen utilization and the muscle protein synthesis, making it a relevant dietary supplement during a rehabilitation period, in connection with hospitalization, operations, illness or in connection with sports performances.

Besides being closely related to aging processes, oxidative stress is complicit in a high percentage of all diseases (Atherosclerosis, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer). Oxidative stress is described as an imbalance of oxidative and antioxidative processes that are triggered by free radicals in the body’s cellular metabolic processes.  Read More about alphaH®
The recommended retail price for a 10-day therapy, 1 package of alphaH®, is € 64, a 30-day therapy, 3 packages is € 165.
Detailed product information and scientific documentation can be found alphaH®
Online ordering and purchase are possible via This service allows for BtB ordering including larger quantity ordering for professional usage.