Reduction in Neurologic Symptoms in ALS patients

ImmunoD® biologic therapy shows a reduction of oxidative stress and improvement of the Vitamin D status and Vitamin D transport system. The life quality indicators (SF36, MYMOP2, ALSFRS) shows Improvement in the behavior, reduction of disease-specific symptoms and increase the quality of life. Please read more about ImmunoD® here
In a recent scientific publication on ReseachGate, by R. Herwig and J. Greilberger  performed a case study to elucidate whether a new vitamin D complex, ImmunoD®, is therapeutically effective in the treatment of ALS accompanied by blood analysis of oxidative and nitrosative blood parameters like carbonyl proteins (CP), nitro-tyrosine proteins (NTP), MDA, HNE and hydroxyalkenale (HAE), lipid peroxides as marker of total oxidative status (TOS) but also the VitD and VDBP status during a 34-week therapy for the first time.