During the IGMEDT 2017 Dr. Med. and Co-Founder of HG Pharma’s Ralf Herwig spoke about the science behind the company’s recent biologic innovation: ImmunoD®, a newly developed complex of two naturally occurring substances, Vitamin D3 and Poly-N-AcGal-recombinant VDBP, which activates the immune system in a natural way. ImmunoD® improves the body ability fight off disease and stay healthy by reducing the body’s oxidative stress levels.
The video below is in German language but includes insight of ImmunoD®, and the stability and performance of the immune system and it’s substantial role in preventing, relieving, and healing illnesses as the immune system defend the body from all sorts of attacks. Read more about ImmunoD®

The biggest event for the International Society for Holistic Medicine IGGMED 2017 had ImmunoD® as featured biologic therapy

October 6 – 8, 2017
Europahaus Wien was as, in previous years, the event venue for the yearly Congress of Holistic Medicine. Well-known speakers from Germany and abroad was presenting current topics of modern holistic medicine amongst the also Dr. Med. Ralf Herwig of HG Pharma. Watch the ImmunoD® IGGMEDT 2017 presentation by Dr. Med. Ralf Herwig


The International Society for Holistic Medicine, based in Salzburg, is the first non-profit association with international orientation in the field of holistic medicine. It is open to anyone interested in holistic medicine and offers you the “big horizons” by crossing the boundaries between body, mind and soul in terms of holistic medicine as well as the borders between countries and people in the sense of an international dialogue.