ImmunoD® User Forum for Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

ImmunoD Autism Forum AppParents from all over the world are using ImmunoD®  as a biologic therapy in connection with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in their children. As much more knowledge and research is needed with respect to Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), HG Pharma has launched a new ImmunoD® Autism Forum. Read more about ImmunoD® here.
The initial steps of the User Forum imply asking present and new users to share their experiences of the effect of ImmunoD® filling in a questionnaire online. All answers will remain confidential and anonymous if used in any report. Longer-term ambition is to create a community and sharing forum for parents with kids diagnosed with ASD.

Improvement of the behaviour in Autistic Kids
ImmunoD® biologic therapy shows reduction of oxidative stress and improvement of the Vitamin D status and Vitamin D transport system in Autistic Kids. The life quality indicators (SF36, MYMOP2) shows betterment in behaviour, reduction of disease specific symptoms and increase quality of life.

This User Forum and the research is hosted and conducted by HG Pharma Lab, the company that has developed ImmunoD®  in collaboration with the team at Cosomed GmbH.
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