New Assistance to smokers that aspires to contra-act the damaging effects of smoking

HG Pharma’s alphaH® offers New Assistance to smokers that aspires to counteract the damaging effects of smoking.

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HG Pharma GmbH, Vienna 4th of June 2018

New Scientific Study:

HG Pharma’s alphaH®offers New Assistance to smokers that aspires to counteract the damaging effects of smoking.

HG Pharma GmbH recently introduced a new dietary supplement to the Austrian and German market: alphaH® The objective was to offer a new dietary supplement as a biologic therapy against the damaging effects of oxidative stress in the body.
The Scientific Team at HG Pharma, Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Ralf Herwig and Professor Joachim Greilberger are thus very satisfied with the new scientific research results, investigating the effects of active ingredients in alphaH®, as a supplemental therapy to reduce the damaging effects of heavy smoking, in a recently published scientific study:

“Integrative Molecular Medicine: (ISSN: 2056-6360) Combination of 2-oxoglutarate/ascorbic acid/5-hydroxymethyl-furfur-aldehyde/carnosine inhibits protein oxidation during radical exposure of cigarette smoke”.

As Professor Greilberger explains the science: “Smoking is damaging because it causes increased oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress is what happens in all living organisms in the normal course of breathing and metabolism, plus whatever exposures or pressures the environment causes to our bodies: natural and artificial radiation, toxins in air, food and water; and miscellaneous sources of oxidizing activity; such as smoking – but also physical and psychological stress can cause increased oxidative stress in our body. The effect of oxidative stress is just like when an apple turns brown when exposed to air, our cells can “oxidize”, a process caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage cells by oxidizing throughout the body. The process is called oxidative stress. The human body is not helpless in the in the offense of these oxidative processes. We have defences against oxidative stress in the form of physical barriers to contain free radicals at their sites of production within cells; enzymes that neutralize dangerously reactive forms of oxygen; substances in our diets, the so-called ‘antioxidants’ that can convert free radicals by donating electrons to them and cutting off the chain reactions early in their course; repair mechanisms to take care of oxidative damage to DNA, proteins and membranes; and complex stress responses that include programmed cell suicide if damage is too great.
Dr. med. Ralf Herwig continues: “Exposure to cigarette smoke increases the formation of oxidatively modified proteins, lipids, DNA/RNA and carbohydrates in humans. These modified toxic substances are involved in several pathologies (diseases) such as e.g., cancer. Anti-oxidative dietary supplementation is known to decrease the formation of these oxidatively modified proteins, also called, carbonyl proteins. We know that oxidative stress in the human body causes a lot of different problems, if not lifestyle related illnesses – then just accelerated aging. You can say that smoking is quite an efficient way to introduce oxidative stress in the human body”.
Ralf Herwig further explains: “Since we in HG Pharma have spent considerable scientific resources and our best effort into developing a new alphaH®substance, that can be more efficient to counteract the damaging effects of oxidative stress. So naturally, we wanted to thoroughly investigate if we could increase the beneficial effect and decrease the formation of oxidatively modified proteins, the carbonyl proteins, through our newly developed natural combination of 2-oxoglutarate/ascorbic acid/5-hydroxy-methyl-furfur-aldehyde/carnosine. The first two substances are actors in the main metabolic enzyme complex (2-oxo-glutaratdehydrogenase, hypoxia inducing factor alpha, alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent hydroxylases, glutamate-oxalacete-transaminase etc.)  in the citric circle. Furthermore, 2-oxoglutarate itself will save ascorbic acid to be radicalized by peroxides (lipid peroxides, hydrogen peroxide, and peroxynitrite)”.
“We are now pleased that the results of the scientific study were very positive: In summary, tobacco smoke contains many toxic substances and free radicals. This research shows, that a high protective effect of anti-oxidative substances, as combined in alphaH®, against free radical production from cigarette smoke can be reached in vitro and in vivo and implies that future studies investigating the protective effect of antioxidant consumption on several disorders should also consider smoking status. We have applied the supplement combination of 2-oxoglutarate/vitamin C/ 5-hydroxymethyl-furfur-aldehyde/carnosine in smokers and could detect a significant reduction of the carbonyl proteins in vivo after 4 weeks compared to non-supplemented smokers.
The most protective effect from oxidation could be reached by 2-oxoglutarate, compared to vitamin C, the lowest impact was determined using 5-hydroxy-methyl-furfur-aldehyde alone.

Interestingly, the highest protection against oxidation was reached by combining all four substances, as provided in alphaH®and could highly significantly decrease the amount of carbonyl proteins by 3-fold or 66%, compared to any single substance measured. Furthermore, we also saw that the generation of carbonyl proteins was nearly stopped. This may result in a synergistic anti-oxidative action.

Thus, further studies are needed to more elucidate the benefit of antioxidant nutrients and diseases influenced or caused by free radicals.”
HG Pharma will be commercially introducing AlphaH® as a Medically Dietary Supplement; the alphaH2+®, this will be available by end of August 2018.
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